We are a team of creative professionals working together with you to
turn your ideas into an adventure. Our main services focus on Marketing Communication and Advertising for Small & Medium Businesses


There is a variety of ideas and solutions that we can provide, depending on the real business needs of the SMBs.

Let us guide you into the magnificent world of Mobile Marketing. We provide you solutions such as:

  • SMS Marketing, 
  • Push Notifications,
  • App-based Marketing,
  • QR Codes and
  • Proximity Marketing.


“We do Social” ehm! now that is a phrase that we hear a lot lately. We have the knowledge as well as the strategic partners to offer you tailor-made services in the area of Social Media Marketing

Our service is based on 3 main procedural levels:

  • Planning & Strategy – Where we give a detailed approach on how we will satisfy the goals of our clients
  • Community Management – We are focusing on strong, sustainable community assets, for our clients, in key social media channels.
  • Social Media Promotions – We may develop memorable, viral social media campaigns that can grow social audiences and cultivate online engagement for our clients.


Our expertise in a range of online marketing services is the passport to an optimized and effective campaign.

Through effective online marketing strategies and our expert SEO services, we can help turn your website into your business’ most powerful lead generator. We do:

  • Google Adwords campaigns
  • SEO reporting
  • Google Analytics reporting
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Implementing a website is not an easy task. Detailed information for the client is required in order to craft the best web solution.

In order to succeed we go through the following crucial steps:

  1. Research: Recognising the target audience and defining the true purpose of the website
  2. Creativity: Creating design prototype and a site map that will guide us throughout the project.
  3. Development: from programming to bug-testing to web site functionality. Our goal is to have the website working as flawlessly as possible and loading at optimum speed.
  4. Testing for user-friendliness. On that level, we need the client to provide us feedback on all the features to ensure that the system matches its expectations.
  5. Launch: Creating all the needed tasks for a successful launch.


Image-making in Politics is very important and it gets even more crucial when elections are on their way. We offer an attractive and optimized P-Comm Pack that will help candidates communicate efficiently with the public.

Establishing a connection and a relationship with the public is not an easy task. A candidate needs to be present in every medium and sometimes in more than one at a time. We can upgrade your image to an optimized P-Comm pack by providing:

  • Web presence with a responsive multi-purpose blog theme
  • Active participation in a variety of Social Mediums like facebook, twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, etc
  • Mobile Marketing tools like bulk SMS for providing instant information to your fans about forthcoming speeches, visits and TV/Radio attendance, etc.
  • Company Profile with elegant logos, brochures, business cards, etc
  • Call Center services & PA Assistance.


We provide a full-scale research and guidance to clients in order to cooperate with public figure influencers, so as to have a more effective and efficient communication of their brand.

Moreover, we have created a new platform for educating influencers is various segments of markets like toys, mobile handsets, clothes, etc. The Unboxing Academy Platform.

Through, unboxing events and unboxing videos, Brands may acquire online and offline more reach, leads and eventually conversions.

Feel free to contact us for more info!